Michael Cohen just ruined Trump’s 4th of July with a very telling move

- Juli 04, 2018

Another day, another Trump surrogate distancing himself from his former employer. Trump’s ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, has taken a conspicuous step this morning as he awaits what is certain to be the damning results of the ongoing Southern District of New York probe.

While Cohen first disbanded his previous team of Trump-linked lawyers – who were in contact and coordinating with the White House – today he took his distancing a step further, and did so in a very public way. According to The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman and CNN‘s Kaitlan Collins, Cohen has changed his Twitter page to remove all references to Trump, the last public link that the disgraced lawyer has to the president.

Cohen has been the subject of a months-long federal criminal investigation, which was initially referred to the SDNY by special counsel Robert Mueller, who reports to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The probe culminated in a stunning FBI raid on his home and office in April, the findings of which – including more than 1 million files, text messages, shredded documents, and handwritten notes – finally became available to prosecutors.

As Trump’s “fixer,” Cohen would certainly have enough incriminating evidence, if it exists, to sink Trump’s presidency. It’s no wonder the White House has ramped up its campaign to discredit any and all investigations into the Trump camp.

While Cohen distancing himself is notable, it’s certainly too late to have any significant effect. If he’s going down, his Twitter bio isn’t going to save him now.

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