A 12-year-old black boy was mowing a lawn for money. Then, a white neighbor picked up the phone…

- Juni 29, 2018

Dear white people: Please stop calling the police on black people for existing.

Friday’s latest viral video involving police clamping down on the illegal activity of excess melanin involved 12-year-old Reginald Fields, a young entrepreneur mowing the lawn go Maple Heights, Ohio resident Lucille Holt.

News 5 Cleveland reported that in the midst of his mowing session, police descended upon the young man, catching both Fields and Holt by surprise.

Police were sent to the scene because Holt’s neighbors had called 911 and claimed that Fields had inadvertently cut some of the grass on their property. Instead of, say, calling the young man aside and taking five moments out of their busy day as the nosy neighbors in a 1960’s sitcom to point out the property delineations between theirs and Holt’s backyard, they dialed 911 and asked police to do it.

When the right began to chant “Blue Lives Matter,” who would have expected that was only so the police could be co-opted as taxpayer-funded couriers?

Fields, for his part, was unaware he had crossed into their property and thought he was still cutting Holt’s grass at the time of the incident.

“They said I was cutting their grass,” he told News 5 Cleveland. “I didn’t know it!”

Holt said in a video posted to Facebook that this was not the first time her neighbors had called police to complain about children in the area. She said they even once called the police over neighborhood children having a snowball fight!

Though these stories sometimes conclude with unintended consequences for the innocent black person subject to police scrutiny, Fields initial discouragement was quickly erased by the support people in his community have extended to the young business savant. In fact, the virality of the news story has gifted Fields with an increase in business orders for his lawn mowing business.

Ever the optimist, he told anyone in his neighborhood via News 5 Cleveland,  “Just give me a call. I will be there. On time!”

Check out Fields’ story, below. And if you happen to need your lawn mowed in the Maple Heights area of Ohio, give him a call!

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