A Florida man just gunned down two police officers in cold blood

- April 19, 2018

A lone gunman in Trenton, Florida surprised the small town with an unprovoked shooting today, leaving two men dead.

According to a report from Tampa Bay based ABC Action News, the suspected gunman strolled up to the Ace China restaurant in downtown Trenton – about 100 miles north or Orlando – and opened fire through the window.

When first responders arrived at the scene of the 3:00 PM shooting, they found two of their fellow officers dead from gunshot wounds inside the eatery. Outside lay the corpse of the gunman as well.

The Alachua County sheriff released the following press release after news broke:

“At this point, it remains an active criminal investigation with no apparent motive or indications as to why this tragedy occurred. Sheriff Bobby Schultz has been on scene throughout the afternoon with his deputies and their families, notifying additional loved ones.”

The story is still developing, as neither the victims nor the gunman have been publicly identified. As stated in the sheriff’s press release, the motive is still under investigation as well.

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