Chuck Todd just humiliated Trump and his doctor over today’s ‘excellent health’ claims

- Januari 16, 2018

The blowback from the daily White House press conference continued well into the evening Tuesday, as social media and the major news networks alike scoffed at the notion that Trump is as fit as Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, the official White House physician, said he is.

Jackson stepped into the middle of a media firestorm today when he proclaimed the president in “excellence health,” despite skyrocketing cholesterol levels and a body mass index that puts him literally 0.1 measurement unit away from being clinically obese.

The media has treated the news with a light hearted skepticism, trying to control the gag reflex that any notion that the president is a picture of excellent health generates without challenging the credibility or the integrity of Rear Admiral Jackson.

The biggest red flag came in the form of President Trump’s purported height and weight.  Besides growing an inch in his 60s (his most recent driver’s license lists him at 6’2″, but today’s report has him at 6’3″) the president’s weight seemed to be vastly under stated to most observers.

Chris Hayes at MSNBC had the quote of the day when he dubbed people who challenged Trump’s weight and his overall “excellent’ bill of health “Girthers,” but NBC News colleague Chuck Todd gets the prize for illustrating exactly how ludicrous Trump’s reported height and weight are by comparing the states to those of prominent and similarly proportioned professional athletes.

You can view the hilarious video below:

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