White House Leaks Just Revealed How Trump Humiliated An Advisor With Sexist Tantrum

- Desember 14, 2017

Look, being the president is a tough job, there’s so much going on all the time we can’t really expect Trump to stay on top of the little things like recognizing appointed members of his own National Security Council.

Fiona Hill – Russia expert, Harvard graduate, Putin critic – was hired in March as the top Russia adviser on the NSC and positioned as an ally to both General H.R. McMaster and Russia hard-liners.

That didn’t stop the President from mistaking her for a member of the clerical staff – apparently, she was wearing the same shirt as his secretary or something and her name, face, or credentials didn’t merit remembering. The President is a busy guy. Come on.

Not only did Trump hand off a memo he marked up as if it were a color-by-number on a Perkins placemat, but he went off on her for insubordination when she looked at him like he was crazy for doing it.

More than likely, the curriculum at Harvard did not prepare graduates-cum-future White House National Security Advisers for “being mistaken for a secretary, which is an easy mistake to make, because you have to understand I came of age in the 60’s and 70’s, when all the rules about behavior and workplaces were different. That was the culture then.” (To quote the ur-apology by Harvey Weinstein.)

To cap it all off, Hill walked away in (likely silent) confusion, only to be reprimanded by McMaster for apparently disrespecting the President. His confusion is always someone else’s fault.

Add this slight to the President’s long list of bad behavior towards women. Not even a Ph.D. from Harvard, a position at the Brookings Institution, a stint on the National Intelligence Council, or membership at the Council on Foreign Relations earns Fiona Hill the President’s respect.


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