Twitter Just Suspended One Of Trump’s Favorite Propaganda Accounts

- Desember 18, 2017

At long last, Twitter has begun to crack down on their platform’s use by violent white supremacist organizations to propagate their racist lies, and one of President Trump’s hand-picked sources of propaganda is among the first to go.

Last month, Trump created an international furor by retweeting doctored videos from the account of Jayda Fransen, @jaydabf, the deputy leader of the far-right anti-Islam political party Britain First. The falsified videos showed Muslims perpetrating violence as a mechanism to inspire increased bigotry against the 1.3 million members of the religion.

The organization has been called England’s equivalent to the KKK by Labour MP Stephen Doughty — an assertion that was validated when fomer Klan leader David Duke thanked God for Trump retweeting the group.

Finally, however, Twitter is beginning to take a stand against its platform being used as a megaphone for racist hate, banning Fransen on the first day of what is being dubbed Twitter’s purge against white supremacy.

The fact that Trump’s personal favorites are among the lowest hanging fruit and first to go says everything about how low Trump has taken the presidency, to say nothing of the assumption of basic human decency.

The purge moves Twitter in the right direction to be sure. But we won’t know they’re serious until they take action against the most dangerous white supremacist on Twitter:

Donald Trump.

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