Trump’s Christmas Crusade Just Backfired Bigly

- Desember 14, 2017

President Trump has positioned himself as a crusader for Christmas, fighting against those heathens who would force a vile, politically correct “Happy Holidays” on Christian Americans when everyone should be free to use “Merry Christmas.” Here he is at the Value Voters Summit, fighting the good fight to save Christmas singlehandedly.

Looks like his strategy has backfired though, since President Trump is now wholly responsible for canceling Christmas in Nazareth, incidentally the city of Jesus’ birth.

The Mayor of Nazareth, a predominantly Christian and Muslim city in Israel announced the cancellation of Christmas festivities in response to President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Mayor Ali Salam has canceled events including a popular Christmas Market, which is a huge driver of the economy in the city during the holidays.

Trump is not the only one in the administration who seems to be souring ties with the birthplace of Christmas itself.

Vice President Pence was scheduled to take a trip to Jerusalem and to visit the holiest site in the Christian religion, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Adeeb Joudeh, who holds the keys to the church officially refused to meet with the Vice President in protest of the administration’s move on Jerusalem.

If this is any indication of Trump’s battle strategy in fighting against the “War on Christmas,” looks like revelers should brace for a whole bunch of coal in their stockings. Trump is basically scoring on his own goal in the fight, by infuriating Christian leaders and keepers of the holiest sites in Christianity to cancel Christmas for themselves.

Trump can’t even keep the messaging straight amongst the ranks of his own family members. Ivanka Trump just tweeted “Happy Holidays” herself.

If this is winning the war on Christmas, who knows what losing looks like? Or maybe it’s just proof that Christmas is doing just fine, even in the face of so many “Happy Holidays.”

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