Top Republican Senator Just Gave Trump Awful News About His Controversial Judicial Nominees

- Desember 12, 2017

A source just leaked that Trump’s partisan judicial nominee, Brett Talley — who had never tried a case, praised the organization that preceded the KKK, and blogged insensitive remarks about the Sandy Hook Elementary Massacre — offered to withdraw his nomination for an Alabama federal judgeship last week, even though the Senate Judiciary Committee voted him out of committee for a confirming vote.

Even though Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley (R-IA) voted to allow confirmation hearings on Talley, he is now changing his tune, asking President Trump to “reconsider” both Talley, whom the American Bar Association deemed “unqualified,” and another young, far-right federal judiciary pick, Jeff Mateer  of Texas, citing problematic remarks both nominees have made.

Mateer, whose confirmation is awaiting Senate approval, committed a “serious breach of protocol,” according to Texas Republican John Cornyn, by not informing the committee of his speeches calling transgendered children, “Satan’s plan.”

“I would advise the White House not to proceed,” said Grassley.

In addition to concerns about Talley’s controversial comments on guns, immigration and race, Republicans must overcome accusations of nepotism, as the young nominee’s wife turned out to be a Trump administration lawyer, a fact Talley had kept off of his official questionnaire.

California Democrat, Senator Dianne Feinstein, cautioned Grassley about the speed with which Trump is trying to remake the judiciary in his image:

I would hope that Chairman Grassley’s request that the White House pull these nominations leads him to reconsider the breakneck speed at which the Judiciary Committee has been considering nominees . . . Moving so quickly makes it more likely that senators will be caught by surprise and end up having to vote for someone whose record they weren’t fully aware of.

Go figure that rushing important government decisions results in bad outcomes, much like the hand-scribbled Republican tax scam, rushed to a vote in the middle of a night, which resulted in mistakes that undid Republicans’ own goals.

It’s almost as if Republicans had an unimaginably horrifying president they do not believe will remain in office, so they have to rush through all of their initiatives designed to hurt Americans and help big donors before the tables turn.  Senator Grassley’s change of heart could reveal that the GOP’s hasty modus operandi is wearing thin for top Republicans.

Either way, the American people will remember in 2018 and 2020 the unprecedentedly craven maneuvers to which Trump’s party has resorted.  When the pendulum swings, it will swing hard and fast.

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