Roy Moore’s Brother Just Summoned The Wrath Of God Upon Doug Jones

- Desember 13, 2017

Before last night’s Democratic earthquake in Alabama which handed a surprise victory to Birmingham bomber prosecutor Doug Jones, one Jerry Moore accused Democratic Party operatives of persecuting his brother, theocrat Roy Moore, “like Jesus was,” due to the eight women who accused Moore of child molestation.  After Moore lost, his brother roared back to NPR, “Doug Jones will pay . . . and them Democrat people . . . They’re going to have to answer to God.”

Sorry, Jerry, your brother lost because he is a faux-spiritual, pro-slavery, anti-Semitic, child molester who believes women and black people should not vote, wants to jail LGBTQ people, and thinks Muslim people shouldn’t run for office.  That’s why he lost.  The only persecution here is Moore’s persecution of everyone who is not a straight, white, “Christian,” cis-gendered man.

Last night, candidate Moore refused to concede the election he so decisively lost — thanks largely to black voters, especially black women — saying, “God is in control.”  What the Moore brothers don’t seem to understand is God just controlled Roy’s behind on out of the Senate.

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