Omarosa Just Exploded With Vulgar Tirade As General Kelly Fired Her And Had Her Escorted From White House

- Desember 13, 2017

A reality television star has been booted from the White House, just not the one we have all been hoping for. HuffPost reports that Omarosa Manigault Newman, who appeared on several seasons of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, has resigned from her position as White House aide. 

Jim Acosta of CNN relayed the brief statement on Omarosa released by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

According to the White House, Omarosa tendered her resignation yesterday and will continue to work until January 20th, when she will officially vacate the position. However, it now appears that the White House misrepresented events and that Omarosa not only didn’t willingly resign but was forcibly removed from the White House.

CNN’s April Ryan unleashed a tweetstorm recounting a different version of events. Ryan states that Omarosa’s ousting was highly dramatic and that the reality star used vulgar language after Chief of Staff John Kelly fired her and had her escorted off the premises. Omarosa ranted about how she helped get Trump elected and her husband Pastor John Allen Newman (referred to by Ryan as the Minister) joined in the cursing.

Ryan tweeted:

It’s a scene right out of a reality television show and is a stark reminder how much Trump and his ilk have degraded the authority and standing of the White House, turning it into little more than a tawdry circus. Such events should be beneath the office of the presidency, but it’s clear there is no low to which this administration won’t sink.

While Omarosa’s $179,000 salaried job in the White House was ostensibly Director of Communications for the White House Public Liaison Office, she and the Trump administration have been strangely coy about her actual responsibilities, and she has managed to maintain a low profile, a surprising fact given her outsized personality and flair for theatrics.

Trump is running an utterly incompetent White House, and moments like this seem far more likely to increase than cease.

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