Karl Rove Just Leveled A Brutal Personal Insult At Steve Bannon As Civil War Erupts

- Desember 13, 2017

After Breitbart chairman, former senior advisor to President Trump, and alleged domestic abuser, Steve Bannon, suffered the humiliating defeat of his favorite pro-slavery child molester candidate, Roy Moore, last night, Karl Rove, once known as George W. Bush’s “brain,” took to the air waves to criticize the white nationalist opportunist.

Rove told FOX News that Bannon, “Showed up looking like, I don’t know, like a scruffy, out of work homeless guy. I mean, three shirts layered on each other underneath a fatigue jacket, unshaven and ranting and raving at the so-called establishment in Washington.”

Rove added that Bannon, who loves to denounce “liberal elites in Washington,” hypocritically told Alabama voters that their state university is “second-rate” compared to the institutions he attended, Harvard and Georgetown.

Bannon has said that he would like to “destroy the state . . . like Lenin,” in order to remake it in his white nationalist image.  Well, Doug Jones’ seismic Democratic victory in Alabama last night, led largely by black voters, especially women, was a sharp repudiation of that hateful philosophy,

No angel himself, Rove pointed out in his interview today that Bannon and his followers, including Donald Trump, have adopted a losing strategy.

Rather than listen to Rove, Republicans should feel free to continue with that strategy through 2018 and 2020, so Democrats — especially black women — can take over and save America.

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