Hillary Clinton Just Reacted To The Alabama Victory With A Bold Prediction

- Desember 12, 2017

Moments after major news outlets called the contested Alabama senate election for Democratic candidate Doug Jones over accused sexual predator Roy Moore, Twitter exploded with responses from across the political spectrum.

Republicans, understandably, were devastated, up to and including President Trump, who threw the full weight of his office behind Roy Moore despite Republican leadership begging him not to.  The defeat will go down as an utter embarrassment for the Trump, who at

Democrats, meanwhile, were over joyed, and the night proved to be a bit of a catharsis of sorts for the Liberal party still chaffing over the 2016 presidential election defeat to Donald Trump.

If there’s one Democrat in particular who’s feeling a modicum of redemption tonight, it’s the woman who suffered that brutal 2016 defeat, Hillary Clinton.  She wasted no time tweeting out her reaction to Doug Jones almost equally stunning defeat:

Donald Trump still sits in the White House, and Republicans still control both houses of congress, so there’s still a lot of work for Democrats do to rebuild from 2016’s disaster. Still, Trump’s already slim majority is one fewer tonight, and given that he proved unable   to pass any meaningful legislation before tonight’s defeat, there is reason to feel optimistic tonight.

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