Black Lives Matter Leader Just Sued Fox News’ Judge Jeanine And Fox & Friends

- Desember 13, 2017

In September, Republican propagandist Judge Jeanine Pirro got caught in a bald-faced lie when she argued on pretend news show Fox & Friends that Black Lives Matter leader and Pod Save the People host DeRay Mckesson orchestrated acts of violence. (Video below.)

Now she may face consequences.

TMZ reports that Mckesson is suing Pirro for damaging his reputation through her lies and hindering his work for racial equality.

Fox News, in a statement to to TMZ, said “We informed Mr. McKesson’s counsel that our commentary was fully protected under the First Amendment and the privilege for reports of judicial proceedings. We will defend this case vigorously.”

Ironically, Pirro mocked the idea that Mckesson’s speech should be similarly protected.

Her tirade was based on the lie that Black Lives Matter is a violent organization — accusations that have been repeatedly refuted and disproved, as Deray pointed out in the below tweet:

The thing that really irked Pirro was that a judge threw out a police officer’s lawsuit against Black Lives Matter yesterday. But it seemed less about the substance of the case than the circumstances of the dismissal. Pirro could simply not abide that a black organization and a black leader were ruled upon by a black judge appointed by a black president.

Despite the hateful tone and malicious lies in the segment, there is one moment that is almost funny in what it reveals about Fox. In the midst of Pirro’s tantrum, she refers to the supposed injustice perpetrated by Obama appointed judges and is cut off by one of the hosts.

“Activist judges,” he corrects her.

“Activist judges,” she concedes almost apologetically — because it’s very important for Fox News personalities to toe the Republican line to the T.

Now, one of those judges will have the chance to give Pirro the punishment she deserves.

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