A Republican Governor Just Leveled A Nasty Insult At His State’s Only Black Woman Lawmaker

- Desember 18, 2017

Governor Matt Bevin (R-KY) is insulting his state legislature’s only African American woman, Representative Attica Scott (D-KY), today.

Scott quickly made him regret it (tweets below).

In less than two years in the Frankfort Governor’s Mansion, Bevin has dismantled the Commonwealth’s incredibly successful healthcare exchange, which lowered the state’s uninsured rate from more than 20% to 6%; gutted worker protectionswelcomed discrimination of virtually all minorities; and waged an unprecedented war on the free press. Sound familiar, Trump watchers?

The unabashed Trump sycophant also made headlines in October after a deranged gunman carried out the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history by suggesting that government leaders should not even attempt to try to stop future killings:

The statement was in line with a governor who frequently fires off ill-thought Republican propaganda regardless of the dangerous repercussions.

Now, he is inexplicably targeting Scott, unprovoked and without explanation, by blocking the state rep from his official government Twitter account.

Scott has been a forceful and effective voice against the governor’s disastrous agenda, but she is certainly not the only legislator to oppose him. His cowardly and immature move is not only a rebuke of his obligation to govern transparently — the latest in a long, disturbing pattern — but an act that is impossible to explain without ascribing his motives, at least in part, to bigotry.

Credit to Scott who refused to take the pathetic slight lying down. She gave the governor’s insult the smackdown it deserved. Enjoy.

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