17 States Just Took Bold Action Against Trump’s FCC For Ending Net Neutrality

- Desember 14, 2017

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman loves to sue the Trump family and administration, and rightfully so.

Today, AG Schneiderman led 17 American states in announcing he will sue Trump’s biased Federal Communications Commission (FCC ) to stop their un-American repeal of Obama-era protections of a free and open internet, otherwise known as Net Neutrality. 

Schneiderman warned that if the illegal FCC decision proceeds uncontested, it will allow big business to control, “[W]hat we see, what we do, and what we say on the internet.”

Washington State’s Governor Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson just announced that their state would also take legal action against today’s anti-democratic decision.  Fifteen states and counting, including California, have added their voices to the chorus of lawsuit announcements.  Even California’s Santa Clara County and other local governments have said they will take legal action, as have major tech and media giants, like Netflix. 

 Net Neutrality allows internet users to surf the internet freely without having to pay to access new “tiers.”  Restricting free usage of the internet blocks people with less money from accessing all the information and utilities they seek and it takes money from regular folks going about their usual routine and puts it in the pocket of major corporations.  Countries without Net Neutrality include dictatorships that channel internet traffic where they want it and away from information they don’t want citizens to have. 

In a 3-2 vote today, the FCC, led by chairman Ajit Pai, repealed tough Obama-era rules protecting the internet from business predators, igniting a passionate outcry from all sectors of society, including 17 state attorney generals.

The FCC may have won the battle today, but if our states have anything to say about it, a free and democratic internet will win the war.

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