The Owners Of One Of Trump’s Flagship Hotels Just Ruined His Week

- November 27, 2017

President Trump’s “business empire” was dealt another terrible blow on Monday morning, when it was revealed that the owners of Trump Hotel Panama are now moving to strip Trump’s toxic brand off of their luxury hotel and will fire the hotel management company that the Trump Organization hired to operate the hotel due to “poor financial results” and chronic low occupancy.

The news comes just days after the Trump SoHo Hotel in New York paid millions of dollars to rid themselves of any association with the Trump Organization, its myriad legal troubles, and the racism, misogyny, corruption, and now pedophilia enablement that is associated with Donald Trump and his administration.

The investors and customers of the Trump Panama Hotel are notorious for their “deep” ties to international drug traffickers and criminal organizations, including the Russian mafia, which led many to wonder if the hotel and its connections were being used to funnel favors or funds from the Russian government to the Trump organization.

The Trump “business empire” that gave Donald Trump his celebrity in the first place has been nothing but a string of abject disasters, and its continuous collapse should be setting off alarm bells for all who might be wondering how the United States might fare under four years of a Trump presidency.

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